Alternative Energy for Your Home

The earth has been powered mainly by fossil fuels such as oil, trees, coal and natural gas. Yet, today’s alternative energy home has distinctly evolved, clearly demonstrating its absolute preference to obtain energy from alternative sources. This is easily understandable, primarily as fossil fuels are non-renewable, they are fast becoming more scarce, and depleted, and consequently, expensive. More importantly, the concomitant carbon emissions from fossil fuels pose greater hazards to people’s health and graver threats to the sustainability of earth’s eco-system in general. Undeniably, it’s about time that people seriously consider the need, and the benefits, for alternative energy homes.

Notably, an alternative energy home can utilize any and all forms of energy sources other than oil, coal and natural gas. Mostly, these are renewable energy coming from the sun or solar energy, from wind, from water or from the earth itself. Who can argue against the absolute reality that the sun is actually always up 24/7 somewhere on the globe; that the wind is blowing forcefully in most vast and open spaces; that the globe in greater part is made up of water; and that the earth is spewing out thermal energy from within its core in boundless, unlimited supply?

By raising people’s awareness of these issues through provision of information and by conveying its relevance to their lives people can be encouraged to properly harness and genuinely care for these gifts of nature. And by doing so, this will greatly increase the chances that the earth’s inhabitants – and future generations also – will enjoy these natural endowments for the longest period possible. The significance of alternative energy home cannot be overemphasized since the generation of power from alternative sources is one of the best ways to go to save our planet, our homes and ourselves.

There is a lot of renewable energy information available online and this article highlights solar and wind power as the most common alternative renewable energy sources used by a majority of concerned and conscientious US households today.

Solar Energy

As mentioned earlier, the sun is one excellent and reliable source of renewable energy. Both heat and electricity can be generated from sunshine. Solar power uses direct conversion of radiation by means of a solar PV system. The good news is that as of the latest estimate, the use of alternative energy in homes is on the rise taking into account that 200,000 homes use solar power to generate electricity. Its practical and effective application for home use has also been successfully observed in solar water purification systems and solar hot water generation systems.

The price of solar power tends to decline as the technology becomes available and more accessible to more and more homes. This provides a real option for people desiring to save on utility bills, to minimize carbon emissions and to make use of a clean and green power source.

Wind Energy

Given the types of equipment that are now not only available but also affordable, an alternative energy home benefits from the consistency and reliability of wind power (as well as its zero cost!). Such systems work well especially in locations where heavy wind abounds.

Of course the wind does not blow continuously so it is necessary to store energy in batteries for those times when there is no wind. By setting up a small wind turbine approximately 20 kilowatts of energy can be generated. Such wind power systems should be more than adequate to power a great number of American family dwellings.