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Collective learning has many benefits. The reflections during such a course of learning bring many aspects about the subject matter to the fore of many minds and simplify the concept or a theory in a subject. You receive additional reflection of thoughts and improve your understanding on the subject. It brings collective understanding of the subject and removes doubts whatever minor that exists. Such a process of learning guarantees knowledge for lifetime and brings the process of learning to a definite wrap.

There are even portals with extensive question banks from any subject, like Bank Soalan SPM, that will give you the questions, answers, and all information you need for a choosen subject. The via media of the net provides information processed in multiple forms and on multiple forums from social networking sites, forums, blogs, dashboards, and the list which is ever expanding. These multiple forums spur discussion on a wealth of topics and records information on discussion, opinions, and views.

This expanding body of knowledge proves a resource for learners. Most popular social networking sites do not have local origins for Internet buffs in Malaysia. They provide a host of adjunct services including exchange of mails, messages, profiles, photos, videos. But local conditions warrant that these networking site mostly visited by teens and youth prove an avenue to learn and pursue their academics as they actively network and interact with “people like us” or PLUS members.

Social networking, collective learning, going to learn online from portal brings the same output, learning but in different contexts. Social networking contributes towards developing overall personality and gives lessons of life, collective learning expands knowledge focused on subjects academic or related to career whereas going to learn online from portal focuses on the immediate academic wants of the networker in his ongoing efforts.