Naming Your Dog – A Few Valuable Tips

So he added a new four legged member to the family and now it’s time to find a name. Choosing the right handle for your new canine companion can be a real challenge. It can also be a lot of fun. Remember, however, that as a child, the name of your pet is something that will be treated throughout life. There are some important things to consider when it comes to brainstorming.

If your new dog has been rescued from a shelter (and in this case, it is good for you), you may already have a name. Often, the shelter will know the dog’s name and, if so, consider using that name to ease the transition to a new family for your dog. Otherwise, or if you prefer to change the name, remember that learning to respond to a new one will take time. Your dog will learn the new name and accept it if it is patient.

Now, whether you are renaming your new dog or deciding a name for a puppy, there are a few things you can do to make the process easier for you and your new friend. Here is a short list of “two” and “no”:

Select a short, easy-to-understand name. Choosing something with more than 3 syllables is probably a problem. Even professional breeders and champions dog owners will use a brief and unique “work” name for their dogs, although the full name may be something like “Bodacious Ezekiel IV de Beauregard”.

Give your dog a name that suits your appearance or personality. It’s more fun.

Ask permission before naming your dog after a friend or relative. You may be unpleasantly surprised to find that Uncle Charlie does not consider a compliment to Pug as a namesake. Check before creating any unnecessary resentment.

Naming Your Dog - A Few Valuable Tips

Use the new name of your dog whenever you have decided. Use it calmly and with a loving tone and your dog will learn to recognize it as something positive.

Do not use a name that sounds like a command. You will only confuse your poor dog when you try to train him. For example, you probably are not thinking about naming your dog “Sit down,” but consider that “Sitka” is a very popular name for a dog and you will get the idea. Imagine the obedient but sadly named dog that sits every time it is called. It may seem “exaggerated,” but it does.

Do not select a name you are ashamed to call in public. Walking around the neighborhood shouting, “Here, Butthead” – or worse – you probably will not like the neighbors.

Do not refer to common names like “Fido” or “Rover”. This is an invitation for thieves. Many good dogs went with someone because that person seemed to know the dog’s name.

For much more cool dog names go to the website. Do not use your dog’s new name aloud or rough. Your dog will soon begin to associate the name with an unpleasant experience and will react negatively to its own name.

There are many other points to consider, but the suggestions above will help you get you started in the right direction. With a little thought and consideration, your dog’s name will be something that you, your family, and your dog can live with. Your new four-legged friend is worth the effort.