Popular and Useful Smartphone Apps

Smart Phones have captured majority share of the market. SmartPhones have altered the mobile applications market to a huge extent and is mounting at a quick rate. It has transformed the manner in which we exist, labor or play. A latest study found that, the smartphone marketplace is anticipated to rise around 55.4% by 2013. This attractiveness towards smartphones is on the mount just for the reason of aspects that can be added through downloading the applications.

At present, among several smartphone companies only three are ruling the market and these are Iphone, Android and Blackberry. Smartphone Applications or we can say smartphone apps are software artifact designed specially for smartphones and used for both business as well as daily use. A Smartphone app permits you to keep on linked with exhilarating events in their field of interest and also allows a range of attributes to simply manage your business and life with more easiness and fun. All in all, SmartPhone apps have deflated the world at fingertips. There are thousands of apps in the market some are paid and some are free and with changing times new and latest apps hit the souk on daily basis. But the main thing is to choose the best app among the existing ones. And with the Aftool release you can now download even more with this multi flash system. Let’s have a look at some of the latest smartphone apps that are ruling the market at present:

1. Corpse Granny HD:

Corpse Granny is a paid app for iphone users and is an extremely addictive puzzle game with strikingly attractive graphics and several levels of exigent operations straddling three worlds. In this game you manage the entity in the surroundings to rout cartoon zombies as hastily and as proficiently as you can. Your brain and fingers serve as your chief artillery. You will travel through three different worlds and collect gems while attempting to achieve the highest score. Its features consist of 3 brawny and witty bosses to conquer, more than 100 zombies to slay, stunning graphics, amusing and endearing heroes and lots more.

2. BlackBerry Superstore:

The BlackBerry Superstore is a free app developed by MobiHand. This app makes it simple to explore, browse, buy and download BlackBerry apps, topics, games, and accomplices straight forwardly from your phone. Possibly the main reasons that lies behind downloading it are the ‘Deals of the Day’ and ‘Special Offers’ sections. The Superstore is skillfully planned to demonstrate titles and accessories that are companionable with your smartphone. It comprises of four islets Apps, Themes, Games and Accessories, through which you can ascertain innovative and always up-to-date content for their smarphones.

3. Fab.com:

Fab.com is a free app for Iphone as well as android users which is modern design flare sales site and is fabulously rising like gangbusters. This business corporation has by now engraved a place for itself in the packed home wares space by accruing 750,000 members within few months. Fab.com brings everyday design stimulations and deals of up to 70% off retail. You can surf throughout the site vigilantly selecting any product 24/7 on-the-go. The app will also inform consumers when a fresh trade is starting and when an object in their shopping lug is going to terminate.

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