Technical Comparison between RO and Normal Water Purifier

Today, one of prominent threat to the health and safety of the people is from contaminated or dirty water. Since the old days, many people use various methods which are being used by their ancestors to get the clean and safe for drinking, but with the increased threats due to pollution they are not enough. So, the various companies have introduced different types of purifiers with the continuous research and development going on at their research labs.

But, with the increased ranges of the water purifiers,it has become difficult for the customers to decide, which is the best and which will be suitable may loc nuoc for their home. Also, most of the customers are not knowledgeable about the quality of water in their area and the type of purifier in India they should use in their home and office.

Technical Comparison between RO and Normal Water Purifier

1. The RO water purifier or reverse osmosis uses membrane for eliminating the impurities such as metal traces, dissolved salts, leads and chemicals from the contaminated or hard water whereas

Normal purifiers in India use UV technology for killing bacteria and microbes. Also, it does not release any chemical for cleaning. Due to this fact, the purified water is clean and safe to drink.

2. RO water purifier helps to move the water molecules from the region of the higher solute concentrate to lower region of solute concentration. The reverse osmosis process uses the pressure of incoming water to push it across membrane and leaves the impurities such as dissolved solids behind. The solids and remaining water get discharged from the other outlet whereas, the osmosis process used by normal purifier uses the osmosis process where the water molecules flow from the lower solute concentration to higher region of the solute concentration. The semi-permeable membrane which is above, has the large gaps or holes so that the water passes through, but they are too small for the passing of the solid molecules. In this osmosis and reverse osmosis, the reference of solute is for dissolved minerals and the salts like Magnesium and the calcium which are present in the water.

3. It is a fact that various types of purifiers in India have their own advantages and disadvantages. Also, they have different technical specifications based upon their function. The best water purifier India for any customer is based upon the quality of the water in his or her area and the characteristic of purifier to eliminate the contamination found in that area.

How to Get the Best Water Purifier?

First, you have to check out the quality and the type of contamination found in it. Then, you can get the best one, which will be able to eliminate all impurity.

There are multiple brands are available in the market, but it is your duty to buy the best for your family. Sawa is and always be a trust worthy brand.